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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You can review here all the Frequently Asked Questions and general information regarding your wedding abroad preparation :

We make it easy for our clients to celebrate their wedding in France, Italy or Spain. After we receive a confirmation of interest, one of our talented wedding coordinators will contact you by phone to begin the event planning. We use email and personal phone calls as a means of constant communication in planning your castle or villa wedding. After your desired wedding location is decided upon, and we receive the initial deposit, your personal wedding planner will confirm all of your contract details. You may add services, change reservations, etc… by discussing with them your personal wedding planner.

We understand this is an event to commemorate your special bond with your special someone. This means from time to time, you may need to change or cancel portions of your planned destination wedding. We ask for reasonable notification to your personal wedding planner, so that we may accommodate any last minute requests, or even an event cancellation. Cancellation fees will apply depending on the number of days prior to your event notice is given. Please see your contract or contact your personal wedding planner to discuss the fees. All cancellations must be received in writing, via email, post, or fax. Chateau and Villa Weddings offers Cancellation and Re-booking terms, please read your contract or ask your personal wedding planner for details.

We fully understand changes of service and events will occur often throughout your process. We ask you give adequate time to your personal wedding coordinator to make these changes, ensuring a smooth transition from your previously planned booking. Chateau and Villa Weddings offers Cancellation and Re-booking terms, please ask your personal wedding coordinator for details.

After we receive your initial deposit and a legal contract is signed between you and your personal wedding coordinator, we will be unable to alter the terms and conditions set forth in the contract. However, Chateau and Villa Weddings offers Cancellation and Re-booking terms, please ask your personal wedding coordinator for details.

We specialize in providing exclusive Chateau and Villa Weddings to couples from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and China. These nationalities are not exclusive, and we happily welcome any couples hoping to embrace their love in a ceremony located in Europe. We hope to make dreams come true for your one-of-a-kind fairytale wedding.

All services, deposits, and rates are quoted by your personal wedding consultant. Please refer to your personal wedding consultant for all of these details. Chateau and Villa Weddings does not include hidden fees in contracts or last minute additions; original quotes by your personal wedding consultant will be your final price including fees, taxes, commissions, and other applicable charges.

Your personal wedding consultant will contact you via email, fax, or telephone to confirm your deposits, contracts, services, locations, and dates for your exclusive wedding package. Written notification detailing all of your services and events will be rendered, confirming your conversations with your personal wedding consultant.

Weddings in France and Italy are very unique and enchanting. Each wedding is an exquisite, one-of-a-kind event, specifically planned to meet your personal and financial needs. Location, services, dates of travel, and number of guests all entail costs for each of our weddings in France and Italy. Your personal wedding organizer will discuss in detail our fees for your exclusive wedding package.

Chateau and Villa Weddings gladly accepts cashiers checks, credit cards, money orders, wire transfers, and Paypal (an online payment company).

Your personal wedding organizer is assigned to handle all of the details of your exclusive wedding package. She will customize your wedding from start to finish, creating a unique program for your special event. Chateau and Villa Weddings is a leader in customized wedding and travel events.

Magical. Your personal wedding planner will be available for you from the moment you step foot out of the hotel room to the moment you cut your delicious wedding cake to the moment you depart for your romantic honeymoon. All of the wedding services and special details you have requested will be available for you and you will never lift a finger. Your personal wedding planner will be there to guide all aspects and logistics of your customized wedding event.

Your deposit confirms your choice for Chateau and Villa Weddings to coordinate your wedding in Europe. Once your deposit is confirmed by our Accounts Team, your wedding event planner will contact you with further details and commence your planning phase.

In the description of all of our exquisite locations, there is a listing of special activities for all of your wedding guests. These activities are different for each location and for each personalized wedding. Our customized weddings in France and Italy can feature an unlimited amount of activities for your wedding guests. Your personal wedding event planner will highlight all of the guest activities available at your location, and of course you are not limited to these activities. Please consult with your wedding event planner regarding additional services.

Chateau and Villa Weddings would be happy to help arrange your customized honeymoon. Your personal wedding event planner is also trained in honeymoon services. Honeymoons can also be a romantic event designed by our planners; a wedding contract is not a pre-requisite for our Honeymoon services. If you are searching for a unique and romantic getaway, we guarantee our personal wedding event planners will add a personal touch in preparing your trip.

We are a full-service travel network, striving to accommodate all of your personal needs for your bespoke wedding in Europe. Your personal wedding organizer will make all the reservations for you, hassle free. Any questions or issues regarding your hotel accommodations will be immediately resolved by your personal wedding coordinator.

Absolutely. Our wedding planners are fully trained to handle last minute requests, including a fully planned romantic wedding in France and Italy. Once we receive your initial deposit, all services will commence. We accept last minute reservations up to one week prior to departure from your home destination. Please contact your personal wedding consultant for all services and contract questions.

Yes. All pictures will be digitally placed onto a CD for you convenience.

Yes, of course. Your personal wedding planner will plan your wedding reception with you, and above all, fulfill your wedding reception requests.

A personal wedding planner is the answer to all of your destination wedding questions and problems. They are highly trained, highly motivated, enthusiastic people willing to help you at any moment. Your personal wedding planner will help design every aspect of your special wedding, including the wedding ceremony, reception, catering, travel, accommodation, reservations, activities, honeymoon, and contract. Our personal wedding planners are the heart of our company, and we strive to provide you with the friendliest and most professional planners in the destination wedding industry.

It’s as easy as a click of a button. We offer personalized email addresses for all of wedding planners. We understand there is a time difference between you and our wedding planners, and we offer round-the-clock services. Your personal wedding planner will provide you with an email address, fax, and telephone number where they can be reached for all of your questions and planning details.

Choosing a wedding photographer for your event is one of the most important steps in planning your destination wedding in Europe. Our personal wedding planners have traveled in search of the best wedding photographers in Europe, offering a wide variety of photo packages for your choosing. Your personal wedding coordinator will make all the necessary arrangements for your wedding photographer at your bespoke wedding. Your budget does not determine the quality of your wedding photographer. Chateau and Villa Weddings strives to provide you first-class services in all aspects of your bespoke wedding, including a first-class photographer. Please contact your personal wedding planner to discuss the details of your wedding photographer.

Please contact your personal wedding planner immediately for assistance.

Referrals are the icing on our personal planner’s wedding cake! If you refer someone who would like to have as exquisite an experience as you did, we will be sure to accommodate their requests in the same professional manner. Please contact your personal wedding coordinator for details and promotions regarding referrals.

The service providers and vendors that Chateau and Villa Weddings works with are first-class. We have interviewed and developed a personal relationship with each of our vendors. It is our responsibility to provide top quality catering, photography, accommodation, travel, activities, and services to each of our clients. Our personal wedding planners are perfectionists, and we expect each of our service providers to be the same. Please read our testimonials about the service providers for your wedding in France or Italy.

If you need to ship anything for your wedding in France or Italy, your personal wedding planner will provide you with full details about shipping services offered, costs associated, and risks. We do advise against shipping wedding dresses and tuxedos and highly recommend including them in luggage, or purchasing them from a vendor in Europe. Wedding invitations with specialized French or Italian postage or seals are available upon request. Please contact your personal wedding planner.

Chateau and Villa Weddings will gladly provide you with an on-site tour of the facilities and accommodations of the location you have chosen for your wedding in France or Italy. Your personal wedding planner will assist you with travel arrangements, appointments while attending to your visit and fees associated with additional services. Please contact us regarding to visits, so we may assist you in providing a first-class tour. 

Paris, Milan and Rome are the world capitals of the fashion industry. Your personal wedding organizer will provide you with a list of vendors, descriptions of available styles, and pictures of tuxedos and dresses when available. Fittings for tuxedos and dresses will be arranged by your personal wedding planner, as well as alterations, rental pick-ups and drop-offs, and last minute purchases. Chateau and Villa Weddings recommends shoes be purchased as tuxedo rental locations in Europe do not offer rental shoes. 

A wedding ceremony with Chateau and Villa Weddings is an exclusive, extravagant event designed specifically to fulfill the dreams you have about your special day. Each location offers a variety of wedding ceremonies including civil, symbolic, or religious ceremonies. Your personal wedding planner will discuss these options and provide information on local services and fees. Our most requested wedding ceremonies include Symbolic, Protestant, and Catholic wedding. Symbolic ceremonies are most common for destination wedding clients, wherein we provide all the necessary documents and legal contracts before your arrival, and an official or registrar is available for your ceremony. Protestant weddings are held within churches throughout the various regions of Europe, and Chateau and Villa Weddings will coordinate the presence of a pastor for your wedding ceremony. Catholic cathedrals and Abbeys are most prominent in Europe. Catholic wedding ceremonies are traditional, are ordained by a priest, and follow certain rituals. Please speak with your personal wedding coordinator regarding your personalized portion of a Catholic wedding ceremony. We do offer same-sex wedding ceremonies. Our highly trained personal wedding planners can offer you advice on current governmental laws and requirements for same-sex wedding ceremonies. Most requests we receive for same-sex wedding ceremonies are symbolic.  Civil ceremonies are available, but also require a consultation with your personal wedding planner regarding residency requirements, passport and visa issues, and travel arrangements. Chateau and Villa Weddings is determined to accommodate all romantic couples wishing to commemorate their love. Your personal wedding planner will provide you full details regarding your wedding ceremony.