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Classic Belle Epoque Restaurant

Classic Belle Epoque Restaurant

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around the bar
around the bar
Nearest Train Station: 
10 minutes
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30 minutes
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Location Information:
Our destination wedding planners personally know the chef of this romantic restaurant in the heart of Paris.  Artistically cut mirrors in unique shapes line the walls, framed by light green wooden borders and floral stained glass pay homage to the 1920s.  Decadent hand-placed mosaic tiles of copper, marble, granite, and onyx are sprinkled throughout, drawing attention to the soft leather and wrought iron furnishings.  Ascend the beautiful carpeted center staircase to the second floor banquet room.  Adding amazing perspective and elegance, this dining experience is perfect for an intimate dinner, or a socialite evening of fine food, good spirits, and soothing music.  Get married in Paris, and enjoy your reception in Belle Epoque era at its finest.
Luminescent glass and hand-made wooden bar serves time-honoured scotch and whiskies.  Classy and stylish, it is ornamented with beautiful shelves of glass and crystal.  Overlooking a quiet Parisian street, this Classic Belle Epoque Restaurant brings the essence of a Parisian café untouched by time, unbelievably romantic and rich in history.
Wedding Receptions:   
Two large dining rooms on two floors are available for small or large receptions.  Cocktail parties and dance floor are available on the first floor, leaving the lofty second floor open for your romantic dinner.  Seats up to 150 people for a grand dinner.
VIP tours, sightseeing, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Panthéon, shopping, Sorbonne, Latin Quarter,  dancing, live bands, wine tasting, river cruises, and many more activities await your guests in central Paris.