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Elegant Rodin Sculptor Museum and Park

Elegant Rodin Sculptor Museum and Park

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ceremony location
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20 minutes
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10 minutes
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Location Information:
The imposing beauty and impressive architecture of this exclusive venue located in the heart of Paris on the Left Bank awaits the discerning couple who dream of a destination wedding in a truly historical setting. Formerly known as the Biron Mansion, this outstanding museum and historic monument stands below the dome of the Invalides. It is not located between a courtyard and a garden like most of the mansions in the Faubourg Saint-Germain, but is detached like a real castle, surrounded by three hectares of grounds. Now home to Rodin's famous sculpture collection, this artistic venue can be rented exclusively for you and your guests.

The mansion was built between 1728 and 1730 by the architect Jean Aubert, who later designed the magnificent stables of the Château de Chantilly. In 1911 the State bought the property, with the south part lopped off and assigned to the Victor Duruy High School, while Rodin hatched the plan of handing over everything he had collected to the State on condition that a museum was devoted to him at the Biron Mansion. Claude Monet, Octave Mirbeau, Raymond Poincaré, Georges Clemenceau and Étienne Clémentel were among those supporting the scheme, but it was still difficult to bring to a successful conclusion because even at that period the sculptor's art was still so little understood. The museum was finally opened in 1919 two years after the death of the sculptor.

The museum is notable for its magnificence and refinement. The beauty of the façades, the south pediment and the masks above the windows is equalled by the refinement of the internal decoration, particularly the skillfully carved panelling in the suite of five interconnecting rooms overlooking the grounds to the south.Fortunately the museum was able to buy back much of the original decor after World War II, the panelling of the oval drawing-rooms to the east and west in particular.

Wedding Receptions:
The finely manicured gardens provide a beautiful setting within the heart of Paris for your intimate wedding ceremony and cocktail reception. Exclusivity can only be granted on a Monday or after 7pm in the evening when the museum is closed, otherwise many fine dining locations for all wedding sizes are located nearby. After 7pm

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