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The Hilltop Riviera Domaine

The Hilltop Riviera Domaine

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exterior view
exterior view
10 bedrooms
Nearest Train Station: 
15 minutes
Nearest Airport: 
15 minutes
Maximum Number of Guests: 
France Location: 
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Location Information:

Seeing the Hilltop Riviera Domaine for the first time, you might quite justifiably think that it was result of several centuries of changes and additions. In fact the castle was built in exactly one year, in 1927. Couëlle, the famous architect, visionary and ecologist, was only 26 years old in 1927 when he designed this building. It was just one of a series for which he was responsible in the region between the two World Wars. The Hilltop Riviera Domaine assembles architectural elements from the 12th, 15th and 16th centuries. These elements came from ruins in the Pyrenees and Provence, and in giving them a new life in a new building, he saved them from destruction. 

Traditional provençal style lend this castle its charm.  The main door to the castle comes from the village of Bassous in the Pyrenees, and is lined on the inside with cowskin. To the right of the main entrance is a small anti-chamber with a vaulted ceiling brought from the Auvergne and decorated by Couëlle with a fresco inspired by Villard de Honnecourt. Next is the huge dining room with the fireplace, floor tiles and most of the ceiling coming from an Abbey in the Cevennes. To the right of the fireplace is a plan painted by Couëlle of his ideal village. Most of it exists, except for the Orangery.

The courtyard is bordered on two sides by elements from a 13th century cloister brought from Condom in the Pyrenées.

There are five bedrooms on the first floor. The largest has a fireplace based on a Violet-Le-Duc model, and iron shutters designed by Couëlle. In the entrance is another Couelle fresco of a hunting scene with the title "inflexible in love and madness", an allusion, so it is said, to Popov's amorous conquests.

In the West round tower is a very pretty room. The beamed ceiling is painted with portraits, some of which originate from the 15th century.

Wedding Receptions:
Events can be held in the garden, around the pool, and in various halls and salons of the castle. 

There are 10 guests rooms available within the castle with additional rooms in villas on the estate of the domaine. 

Tennis courts (hard and clay) and 2 swimming pools are on the estate.  Hiking, biking, fishing, beach, water-skiing,  wind-surfing, yachting, sailing, golf, shopping and sightseeing are all available nearby.