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Historic Riverside Cathedral

Historic Riverside Cathedral

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aerial view
aerial view
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10 minutes
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30 minutes
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For your destination wedding in France, consider this magnificent cathedral for a breathtaking religious ceremony in the heart of Paris.  Illuminated stone archways flow from north to south, framing sanctified stained glass windows above, casting a heavenly light on the congregation below. 

Walk in on your father's arm down the center aisle, the grand 19th century pews filled with family and friends.  Watch as they gaze with tears fast approaching, as you stop and are presented to your husband-to-be.  A majestic song boasts from the great silver pipe organs flowing from the pulpit to the ceiling, a harmony enriching the heavens.  The Royal Crown Cathedral is a traditional destination for a romantic and religious ceremony, with the feeling of being close to home.   

This enchanted grey stone cathedral is illuminated by direct sunlight shining through the stained glass windows surrounding the congregation on all sides.  Great pews of hard mahogany are simple, a light red cushion brings a touch of grace.  Double winding stone staircases in a rear room off the center aisle, lead to a balcony overseeing the great celebration of unity taking place, a great view indeed.   
Wedding Ceremonies: 
Non denominational, Lutherian, Presbytarian, other denominations possible upon request