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Majestic Loire Valley Castle

Majestic Loire Valley Castle

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aerial ceremony view
aerial ceremony view
36 bedrooms
Nearest Train Station: 
45 minutes
Nearest Airport: 
45 minutes
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The gates are pushed open to this magnificent estate, as the valiant knight gallops through, on a majestic white stallion, towards the center stairway across from the elegant statue fountain.  The knight climbs the stone staircases and looks through the grand windows of the square chateau, he sees his bride-to-be, sitting on a thirteenth century stone bench in the interior courtyard of the estate.  He rushes to her, as she throws her beautiful and delicate arms around him. Picking her up, sweeping her feet past the newly blooming tulips, prepares her for the awe-inspiring event of their chateau wedding night, just outside the outer walls.  She smiles blissfully up at the radiant sun upon her face, as her dreams become reality.

Oak and mahogany four-post beds with side curtains create a romantic ambiance in each of the overnight rooms. Remarkable hand cut and set stone bathtubs offer elegant and romantic candlelit intimate moments.  Walk gently through the interior courtyard as the sunlight curves around each pillar and stoned archway.  Let he beautiful hand-made red carpets draw you to each set of French doors overlooking the gardens and valleys visible from each suite.  Take your Oheka wedding to the next level and enjoy a unique castle wedding destination.

Large intimate receptions are available on the estate's grounds. Center courtyard for an afternoon buffet, reception halls decorated with thirteenth century mirrors and art for an exquisite dinner, or an outside brunch in the gardens along hand-built stone walls on the outer edge of the property.  150 or more guests can be accommodated in various sections of the chateau. 

Guest activities include but are not limited to: horseback riding, rowing, bicycling, music concerts, dancing, hunting, golf, hang-gliding, and helicopter rides.

32 enchanted rooms are available, 11 of which are individual apartments with family accommodations.  Rooms are decorated in nineteenth century style and decoration.