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Anja and Bau

Anja and Bau

French Alps, France
Catholic ceremony
May 26th 2006

Dear Ms. Caroline Berthe,

It’s been crazy, I am sorry that I have not been able to get back to you.

So, some feedback:

First, you were fantastic, we would not have been able to do it without you. I was so nervous and I did not have to do anything the day of the wedding and felt that I could completely trust you.

Musicians: Even though I barely had time to enjoy them: They were really good. Everybody complimented me on them. They sounded lovely – in the church and in the castle garden during the cocktail time. And they looked professional, well dressed and all of that too.

DJ: He was really good as well. He played exactly what I asked him to play, he made a really good mix out of it. And everybody had a blast dancing the night away. He stayed as long as we needed him, he was fantastic.

Florist: I really liked that he came the day before and talked to me. That somehow put me at ease. I loved the bridal bouquet, the bouquet for the bridesmaids, and the flowers for the guys.

Hair: I absolutely loved him and the hairstyle.
We had so much fun during the time. All four girls went together with some glasses and a bottle of “champagne” and we had a blast.

And I thought my hair was stunning!

Caterer: First of all, thank you for being so flexible and dealing with a caterer that we picked. I wish we would have contacted you sooner and gone a 100% with your suggestions. The food was on the tables fairly fast, it was not the best, but not bad either. I liked the flowers on the table and, thanks to you, the candles. I think he did not even look at the pictures of the cakes that we sent. But the taste was pretty good.

But I just should have gone separately with a bakery, if you want special order items. …

AND one big thing: I am regretting not going with your suggestion of photographer and instead listening to my family.
Please advise every bride on going professional, no matter what!

I think this covered pretty much everything.