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Brian and Yamini

Brian and Yamini



Brian and Yamini
South of France
Hindi ceremony
April 22nd 2008


Dear Caroline,


Overall Impression:  As we've said time and time again, we have been so impressed with your services.  Indian weddings are known for their chaos, and your superb organizational skills helped the entire two days run very smoothly.  You addressed all of our concerns with the utmost patience and promptness.  Caroline, you were extremely efficient, thorough, calming, and most of all, so friendly - it was wonderful to get to know you as our coordinator and now as our friend.  We look forward to keeping in touch with you for years to come.


We loved the little touches of perfection that you added to the wedding - the beautiful fruit display for the Indian food, the guests throwing rose petals at us (we had so much fun with that!), the beautiful surprise decorations in our bedroom, and the beautiful marriage certificate.

We would highly recommend both you and Chateau and Villa Weddings to anyone and everyone.  We would be more than happy to e-mail or speak with anyone who would like to contact us - we've already been raving about you to all of our friends and family. 


Photographers:  Fantastic!  The photographers were a pleasure to work with.  Even for such a small wedding (31 guests), it was important to have two photographers providing different perspectives of the wedding.  The beach photos the day before the ceremony were so much fun.  In addition, we are so impressed with how well they captured the essence of the wedding.  We loved some of the close ups of the ceremony focusing on people's hands, the perfect emotional shots of our parents or us crying, and the small depth-of-field shots of Yamini's sari. 


Videographer:  Wonderful presentation and wonderful videography!  The editing for the highlights and clips on the beach was fantastic.  We had debated whether or not to get a videographer in the first place, and in retrospect, it was one of the best decisions of the wedding.  There are so many memories that we are so happy to have captured for eternity - our vows, the toasts and the antics of our wedding guests.  We have seen other wedding videos since ours, and they only served to highlight the excellent filming skills of your videographer.  The icing on the cake was the fact that the videographer made the time to drop off the video in person while we were in Paris, and brought a DVD player so we could watch it right in the restaurant!  We were so excited to see it and his kindness was greatly appreciated.


Wedding Day Caterer:

The food was delicious and the cake absolutely unforgettable!  The highlights of the meal were definitely the chicken and the crayfish.  We were already excited about the french wedding cake, but the sparklers and decoration made it such an event.


Indian Caterer:

Amazing!  All of the Indian guests were shocked to get such good Indian food in France.  The food was so good that our priest even mentioned it in the wedding video. 



The mandap and draping of the flowers and fabrics was wonderful - it made the ceremony look so elegant - like we were sitting under a golden cloud.  The decoration of the tables and centerpieces were perfect - we especially liked the floating petals and candles and all of the lights in the bushes. At night, all of the twinkling lights made the evening very magical.  Beautiful job with the wedding bouquet - so many people have complimented me on how lovely it was! 


The location:

The villa was beautiful - Yamini's "princess home" was even more wonderful in real life than in the pictures we had seen beforehand.  We truly appreciated the planting of new flowers by the pool.  The caretaker, was a sweetheart to work with and immensely helpful the entire week. 

Advice for the future - the tomtoms or GPS on rental cars only recognize the address of the Villa if the whole street name is included. Our only major complaints were regarding the dying grass, previous guests who had overstayed their time, and the electrical problems, but the caretaker was incredibly helpful in trying to help us with all of our concerns. 



Yamini has gotten numerous compliments on her hair- it was absolutely beautiful.  The placement of the flowers was pure genius, and she felt so beautiful.  Furthermore, it lasted the entire night, even with the wind!



The DJ was okay, but not great.  He did a good job of selecting music that we enjoyed and avoiding all of the cheesy wedding music that we didn't want.  He had some difficulty with the transitions between Indian bhangra music songs, most likely because he was much less experienced with this type of music.



Heating lamps were a lifesaver - they made the evening much more enjoyable. 

The cellphone you provided was invaluable!


In conclusion, you made our wedding truly magical and memorable.  We cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work.