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Brittany & Reginald

Brittany & Reginald


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We cannot thank Chateau & Villa enough for such an amazing experience. Our ceremony was a dream come true! From our pick up at the airport until our drop off days later, everything went simply great and smooth! 


The flowers were everything I hoped for and more!!! You rock!!!!!! I was so surprised when they were delivered them to our room I couldn't stop smiling :)


Our France stay was a joy and everyone was so pleasant! Considering our ceremony, photo tour, dinner etc...... I'm speechless! I'm still envisioning our walk through the park and the sweet community members yelling Feliciatations!! 


If I could sum it up I would call it a dream come true! Honestly we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Reggie and I were stress free and elated our entire trip! 


Our photographer, our videographer and our chauffeur were absolutely the best !!!!! So friendly and kind, they made our experience that much more joyful! We were totally shocked at the courtesy of the gentlemen it was beyond what we imagined!!! Thanks guys!!


Our celebrant is absolutely wonderful! She helped us feel comfortable and like we were home. We appreciated her sweet spirit and kindness throughout the entire process!


Elena I so appreciate your patience, consistency, and hard work to pull everything together! Paris is true to being a wonderful city and you made it even better! The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and all the other beautiful attractions were just breathtaking!


Some people say "make my day" ..... But you made our dream!!! We are still basking in wedding bliss to always remember our Parisian wedding!!!! 


Thank you Chateau&Villa Weddings!!! Awesome work!! Very tasteful and well done.


You Most certainly can use our email as a reference, :)


With love and appreciation,

Reginald and Brittany