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Chantel & George

Chantel & George

Chantel & George

Paris, France

Symbolic ceremony

May 14th 2008


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My wedding was in May and it was absolutely wonderful!!  All of my correspondence with Caroline was by email and highly convenient.  I would definitely refer her to anyone for their wedding planning.  Here is a little in depth information:


We started by contacting Caroline and giving her a budget we had in mind for our Parisian wedding.  With that, she was able to give us multiple options for locations. She emailed us pictures and a story for all of the locations.  She even gave us her suggestion, which we decided to go with.  Caroline was very quick to answer emails, offer suggestions and explain anything we didn't understand or anything we questioned. 


When it came to specifics like colors, food, photographers, and music, Caroline handled everything perfectly.  She emailed us the menu options, sound bites from the musicians, and pictures the photographers had taken so we could essentially point and choose which one we wanted.  I had given her our color palate and given her a sample picture of the flower arrangements I adored.  The flowers turned out exactly as I wanted.  The musical Trio we chose was also PERFECT!!  They were very entertaining and kept our guests dancing all night.  The photographer (though he didn't speak English) took the BEST photos and gave us two beautifully designed DVD's of our photos.  We also had a videographer who was also amazing.  He supplied us with four DVD copies of our video, which he had designed and placed music to as well.  It looked just like a movie. Caroline also set up an appointment for our hairdresser and the pressing of our wedding attire. I wouldn't go back to the hairdressers, but my gown and his suit were excellently pressed and cared for. 


I have told many of my friends and family members who asked about planning my wedding that this is the way to go!!  There is no headache, no worry, and especially no stress.  If you have any questions or concerns, Caroline is always available to contact.  Our friends and family spent a week with us in Paris and it was a really great way for the important members in our "groups" to bond with each other and us. 


If you would like to know any more, please feel free to ask. 


If you chose Caroline and Chateau and Villas Weddings I have no doubt that your wedding will be just as dream worthy and wonderful as mine was!!


Take care,