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David & Jessica

David & Jessica


David & Jessica

Loire Valley, France

Symbolic ceremony

May 9th 2009


Thanks for everything Caroline.  We had a great time and everything turned out perfectly.  We couldn't have asked for a better wedding.  And thanks again for picking us up and driving us around on the last day.  It was above and beyond anything that we expected.  Let us know if you're ever in our area (Washington DC), we'd definitely like to meet up.


David and Jessica


Hi Caroline,


Just want to thank you for being so helpful in arranging the tour and train tickets for us.  You were most accommodating, starting from the irregular email delivery!  I checked the following email but don't find it in my inbox.  I have no explanation why some messages get thru and some don't.  Fortunately, all that is over; and the important thing is everything worked out and we had a great time.  You did a great job with David and Jessica's wedding.  The venue was lovely, the food superb and the fireworks (and the cake) just took the wedding over the top.


Thank you for arranging our guide.  She was excellent.  She's very knowledgeable about the chateaus, history of the royal families, and of Leonardo Da Vinci.  We learned so much from her and I am inspired to do more reading about Leonardo.  She was also very generous with her time and dropped us off at the Amboise train station which saved us a few euros.  We did follow your instructions and took the taxi to the Hotel where we spent a relaxing evening.  


Wishing you all the best in developing your business,


(Bride's Aunt)