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Jill and Alex

Jill and Alex

Jill and Alex

Loire Valley, France

Symbolic Wedding 

April 9th 2008


Dear Caroline,


Words cannot express our gratitude to you for all your help in making our wedding the most memorable and cherished milestone of our relationship together. Alex and I cannot thank you enough for providing us with the most suitable accommodations in the Loire Valley and Paris, the most skilled vendors, especially the incredible photographer and talented violinist, and the comfort of knowing that the entire wedding day was going to be just as we discussed and hoped it would be.

Our ceremony was so quaint and special and your presence there helped greatly to make up for the fact that our families were not present because it is so easy to think of you as family. I truly felt like I was going to Frace to visit a friend (you!) and that just made the entire experience more relaxed and smooth since I have never traveled outside the USA before.

Every part of our wedding day ran just as we had wished from the way the hairdresser, mastered my hair style, to the way the pastor made the ceremony so very personal and heartfelt.  I was quite pleased that the musician played my requested song so beautifully and that the traditional French wedding cake was so pretty and tasty, too!

We know it was a special exception for the hot air balloon to fly on our wedding day, but we are so appreciative to all of you for making it actually happen. In a nutshell, we couldn't have asked for a more perfect wedding memory and thanks to the photogarpher's great talent in photography our families were able to catch more than a glimpse of every moment of our special day.

This was a trip of a lifetime and thanks to you and Chateau and Villa Weddings we have memories to last a lifetime!

Please share our comments with anyone who may find them useful and we would be honored to be a reference for future couples!



Jill and Alex


ps We can't wait to go back to France to visit you someday!! Please call on us when you are in the US next time.