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Karrie & Rusty

Karrie & Rusty


Karrie & Rusty

Paris, France

Elopment ceremony

June 17th 2010



We are now finally getting a chance to thank you for all of your hard work for our wonderful wedding.  Here’s an overview of our experience that day:

The flowers that arrived were so gorgeous and were remarkable in quality.  They turned out MUCH better than the picture I sent you.   The florist did not trim the flowers until she saw me to ensure that they stayed as fresh as possible, creating the most elegant bouquet right before my eyes.  I didn’t know if I would end up putting flowers in my hair, but they were so pretty (thank you for telling her to bring them!) that I absolutely had to.   The flowers stayed fresh until we left Paris 6 days later. 

I did not know even on my wedding day how I wanted my hair to look, so I just asked the Hairdresser to put it up for me.  WHAT an artist!  He created the most chic, unique, and lovely hairdo for me. I never got to thank him  properly because I was so distracted about getting ready.  He even was so kind to help Rusty fix his hair as well.   I only regret that he’s not our regular hairstylist here in Seattle.  J    Please forward the bottom photo to him to show how fantastic the hair turned out.  He turned me into a bride that day.

Our transportation, the Mercedes and chauffer, was a real treat . We did not expect to have such a sophisticated car and professional driver.  What a luxurious experience. 

We loved that Caroline communicated with us every step so that we would not be nervous.  She did such a great job finding a perfect spot for us at the Eiffel Park.  We were fortunate enough to have the weather cooperate, with just enough rain to clear the park.  

Having dinner at La Bullion Racine Restaurant was a wonderful way to end our wedding day adventure.  The atmosphere, food, and staff were all exceptional.   

And I am saving the best for last – our photographer.  I was not so easy to deal with because it got a bit cold.   He worked extremely hard, taking what seemed like a thousand pictures of us, patiently working with the crowd and weather, always looking for that perfect shot.   Every time we look at our pictures, we are still shocked by his talent.  He made Rusty and I look not only our best, but he captured us in moments that evoked all the love and excitement we felt for each other on that day.  The pictures still make me emotional, even though I’ve seen them a 100 times by now.   They made our wedding day real to us.  We have a hard time picking our favorite photos to frame.  We have never seen such astonishing or romantic wedding photos. I cannot wait to go back to Paris and have him take our anniversary pictures in a few years. 

We were very excited about our wedding, but we never expected such an impressive, classy, and overall beautiful experience.  Thank you and your team for the a day that was better than we could have dreamed.


Karrie & Rusty