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Katie & Mark

Katie & Mark

It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and benefit from your incredible planning expertise, and to have been lucky enough to have enjoyed Caroline and Laurence's good company and calming influence as part of our wedding weekend.  

Everything about the weekend was absolutely fantastic.  The overwhelming response from our guests has been that the whole event was planned to perfection and was probably one of the best weddings they have ever attended.  The whole wedding weekend was a great success, and Mark and I are very thankful to all the people who put in so much effort to make it happen for us.  We have a few photos coming in now from our friends and family but will of course share the professional ones when the photographer sends them through.  I have a great picture of Caroline on the dancefloor which is surely one for the CVW album! 

We can't thank you enough, really, you did a fantastic job and made both Mark and I feel very special on the happiest day of our life.

We will keep in touch.

All the best,

Katie & Mark


ps. I am slowly getting through the thank you emails to all the service providers and may send through a couple of words for the musicians and the fireworks technicians if you could please pass them on :)