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Kerry & Chris

Kerry & Chris

Hello all!

First of all, YOU ARE AMAZING WE LOVE YOU!  Yes, we will definitely act as a reference.  I would say that absolutely every vendor exceeded our expectations.  The food is STILL being talked about by our guests.  It far surpassed even my exacting standards.  The dessert--I never expected the cake or the plating to be so beautiful.  The oysters--people are still cooing. And the fish and the steak have both been cited as the best wedding food our guests have ever had.  The tomatoes and potatoes were also big hits.  Really, it couldn't have gone any better.  

The band was everyone's favorite part of the wedding.  I personally would marry Philippe if I wasn't already married to Chris--I love that man!  The guests loved the music they played, and the way they went around the tables at dinner.  I loved dancing with Chris to the Edith Piaf.  They just were unbelievable.

The DJs were awesome--once I explained that disco was not okay!  They were nice and fun and took requests.  I loved them.

The artists were not only a fabulous surprise--they were hilarious!  What great personalities.  One of them asked me to dance!

The pictures are obviously stunning, but more than that, he was such a lovely man, he was a pleasure to work with.

Our Rabbi  far exceeded any expectations--though the ceremony was a bit hot, I loved every moment of it.

The hair and Make-up artists were wonderful.  They worked so hard to get exactly what I wanted, and not a hair moved all night, and my makeup lasted until after 4 AM!

Three cheers for the florist.  Also, such a lovely man, and he just got everything that I wanted.  So chic and beautiful--and to pull those tulips out of the bag at the last minute really touched me.  I'm so glad we went with him.

The Moroccan restaurant was FANTASTIC.  Meme was in tears over how perfect it was.  The belly dancer and henna artist were terrific.  I would say the magician was a bit shy, but once he got going, he was great.

The only thing that I would say didn't work was the hair dresser in Montlouis.  Let's just leave it at that!

And last but not least, Caroline and Laurence--and, on the day, was it Kelly?--were the best wedding planners ever.  All the guests keep saying so.  Jamie's husband Josh told us how you snuck him a bottle of Scotch durning dinner.  Brilliant!  I'm sure you're the ones who pushed the florist to find those tulips.  And who insisted on all my exacting requirements and details.  I just, more than that, felt like we were really in it together, which is a feeling I know a lot of my friends didn't share with their planners, and I'm really thankful for that.  And for surprising us with the artists--I just felt like it wasn't just a job for you, but that you went above and beyond to get to know us, and to, despite the fact that we planned the day, still surprise us and make it even better than our planning, while keeping it so true to us.  As controlling as I am, I felt on the night completely sure that everything would go off without a hitch, and that is down to the two of you.  You were so calm and friendly throughout the whole time we worked together.  We love you!

Also, I'd like to send personal thank you notes to all our vendors.  Would it be possible to get a list of names and addresses, including yours!

Honestly, I can't thank you enough.  It was the best week of my life, many times over.  Merci.  We don't have a single regret.