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Kimberly & Brock

Kimberly & Brock


Dear Caroline,


I don’t even know how to begin to thank you for making our wedding absolutely AMAZING!  Every detail of the celebration far exceeded even the high expectations that we had – you really have made our dream wedding a reality.


Chateau de Brissac was breathtakingly beautiful and provided the perfect locations for the ceremony, cocktail reception, dinner and dancing.  The chapel on top of the hill overlooking the Chateau and vineyards was dramatic but  intimate for the ceremony – and the sunlight streaming into the chapel made the atmosphere absolutely beautiful!  The cocktail reception on the terrace was a refreshing outdoor experience overlooking the beautiful grounds.  The dinner in the Hall of Portraits was absolutely stunning, allowing perfectly for the single, long grand dining table we desired.   Using the historic theatre for our flower girl to sing after the cocktails enabled a very unique and personal touch.  The Marquis was so warm and generous, allowing us to use his home.  His wedding gift of a wine tasting and talk in his cellar the night of the rehearsal dinner was very special and memorable. 


Our celebrant, worked so hard with us for months beforehand, learning about us and working with us to construct the most personalized, beautiful ceremony.  He was extremely professional but very warm and personable.  He added so many personalized touches including the candle lighting ceremony, the readings for our mothers and the traditional French ribbon-cutting ceremony.  While waiting for my delayed entrance, he did a fantastic job of working the crowd and even telling a few jokes. The book he prepared for us containing the entire ceremony as well as a sealed wooden box containing a bottle of wine for us to open on our 5th anniversary was so special and unexpected.  One of our guests summed it up perfectly saying, “Colin knocked it out of the park!”


The musicians were extremely talented and quite versatile, beautifully playing a wide range of music - classical, jazz, and French, using a range of different instruments. They even surprised us by performing some singing!  They were unobtrusive, but the live music added so much to the atmosphere of the entire day.  At the end of the evening, they also proved to be great DJ’s during the late night dancing!


The florist and decorator did a wonderful job of taking our requests of specific flowers and colors, and presenting them in an exquisite interpretation which perfectly captured the dramatic and romantic atmosphere that we wanted.  The dining room table setting in the Hall of Portraits was MAGNIFICENT!  The design of the flower arrangements was dramatic but unobtrusive and every elegant.  The crystal candelabra were gorgeous and completed the table – it was stunning.  One guest commented that they have never seen such a beautiful table, even in the movies!


The quality of all of Caterer Hardouin’s creations were unbelievable.  The appetizers were delicious and truly works of art.  Every part of our multi-course dinner was absolutely delicious and beautifully presented by very gracious servers and on beautiful plateware.  The servers were extremely attentive in perfecting the timing of the courses as well as the champagne and wines.  One guest commented that every course was the best food she had ever tasted! 


The wine and champagne supplier provided very personalized service with the initial wine tasting and lunch outside in his beautiful front garden, which was both very enjoyable and educational.  We really appreciated the special effort he made to attend the caterer tasting and was a true expert in suggesting the selections that paired perfectly with each course.  The quality of the wines and champagne were all top notch.


The hair stylist is a true artist.  The care and attention he took to sculpt a style which was elegant but modern and perfectly complemented my features was impressive and a work of art.  Not only did it look gorgeous for the ceremony, but still looked perfect at 2am!


The makeup artist is world class.  His ability to create a dramatic but completely natural look was truly impressive.  I did not feel like I was wearing make up at all, but my complexion looked flawless the entire night.  I was sad to take the makeup off at 2am, as it still looked amazing and perfect.  He also made our entire wedding party beautiful, including the groom!  His warm personality was a welcome addition to the preparations.


The photographer, Patrice Lariven, took great care with his craft.  He waited for the perfect moment to take our personal photos, that took advantage of the light and venue.   He did a wonderful job of taking many candid shots throughout the evening without being obtrusive or disruptive to the flow of the celebration.  We cannot wait to see the results of all of his hard work and effort!


We were impressed that the videographer came equipped with 4 cameramen, and employed their new EOS Cinema System to capture every moment from multiple angles.  We just viewed the 2 minute trailer and were blown away by the professional cinemagraphic quality and artistic style.  We were so excited that the cameramen were deployed all over the venue, quickly capturing  faraway and close up shots simultaneously.  We are really looking forward to seeing the final full length production!

The fireworks were complete shock and awe!!!  The vantage point from the terrace, overlooking the grounds and vineyards of the castle, was magnificent.  The quality of the display rivaled any town fireworks we have ever seen and was truly unbelievable!  The synchronization of the music created a truly magical atmosphere.  


The horse and carriage really did create a fairytale wedding!  The carriage was gorgeous and provided a grand and very memorable entrance to and exit from the ceremony.  The open top design allowed for a wonderful vantage point and amazing photo opportunities.


The magician was a very unexpected and wonderful surprise!  His performance in the theatre added so much to that experience.  His ability to be unobtrusive but provide entertainment and fun between all of the courses of our multi course dinner kept the guests engaged.  It was so unique and an element we would have never thought of, but added so much!  Thank you so much for this very special and memorable gift!!


From the initial site inspections, to the tasting and trials, to the rehearsal dinner and wedding itself, you have created an immensely enjoyable, very memorable and stress-free experience for us.  Each of our fully organized planning visits to France were mini vacations and we feel that we have enjoyed our wedding for a full year, not just one day.  Working with you has been such an absolute pleasure!  You have added so much with your extremely valuable experience and knowledge as well as your good taste!  You  took our vision and enhanced it where appropriate, suggesting the perfect vendors to provide the fit and finish that far exceeded our expectations!  So many of our guests have told us that it was the most amazing wedding they have ever attended and we agree!  Thank you also for your attention coordinating the timing and detail that allowed the wedding to run flawlessly.  We truly did feel like guests at our own wedding.  We also really appreciate all of the small details that you attended to, such as making sure that everyone signed our guest book, and collecting all of our personal items and placing them in our room at the end of the night.  We literally do not have any suggestions – everything was truly perfect!


Our only regret on our wedding day is that we were having such a wonderful time that we were not able to thank you and each one of the amazing vendors personally – please extend our sincerest thanks to each one of these professionals and Elena who made this day so incredibly special for us.   


Caroline – I have so greatly enjoyed working with you and will miss you so much!!  I was always so  excited each time I would receive an email from you over the past year.  I sincerely hope we can keep in touch and that you will send pictures of adorable Olivia from time to time and let us know how you are all doing.


Thank you again SO MUCH for making our fairytale, dream wedding come true!



Kim & Brock