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Mee Jung and David

Mee Jung and David


Humanist ceremony
Loire Valley, France
May 27th 2012

Hi Caroline,


Thank you very much for helping us plan and coordinate our wedding.  I think the event went very well, and we really enjoyed ourselves. With any kind of budget constraint, there seems to be corners that need to be cut and compromises to be made.That being said, I think you did a fabulous job helping us navigate through the important factors and the not-so-necessary options.  Below is some more specific feedback.


Excellent items:

1) We thought the flowers looked amazing.  They did a great job on a very reasonable budget and we were really happy with how the reception table centerpieces and the emergency door cover turned out. 


2) The bartenders and servers were excellent and very attentive.  The bar set-up at both the reception and the cocktail hour looked very elegant. 


3) The fireworks were fantastic. 

4) Mee-Jung loved her makeup! She's wondering if she can get a private lesson actually on how to do her makeup.


5) The food was absolutely amazing -- lots of praise for the foie gras ravioli and the lobster appetizer.  And again, the servers were attentive and excellent.


3) The DJ didn't seem to follow the cues very well in terms of playing the music - for example, the picture slideshow and the music for the first dance (long pause before he started playing that music). Otherwise, he did a really good job with playing the right kind of music and also with the lighting and the smoke, which was fun to have.  


4) The champagne pour/waterfall before the cake-cutting didn't seem to go as smoothly as I had imagined.  Not sure if that was how it was supposed to be or if we messed something up with the pouring. But the idea was great. 


Thanks again,

Dave and Mee-Jung