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Pat & Lorna

Pat & Lorna


Pat & Lorna

Alsace, France

Symbolic ceremony

September 12th 2008



Bonjour Caroline,


Yesterday was incredible.  The flowers were great.  The photographer was exceptional and very easy to work with.  Norbert and the family were so welcoming and wonderful.  When we arrived and turned ourselves over to Norbert for the ceremony, we were directed with surprise into the Abbey for the ceremony.  Lorna and I sat while Norbert read the program in English echoed by two other family members reading in French.  Then once the ceremony was finished, the 20+ family and friends attending sang a song for us.  It caused both Lorna and I to weep at how beautiful, thoughtful, and wonderful. 


Afterwards, the family had prepared a reception with all traditional foods and wines of Alsace as well as plenty of information about the family.  Oh, I failed to mention that Le Mairie also attended the ceremony and the reception.  He is a very kind and warm leader of the village and it was a great honor for him to share his time with us as well.


In our wildest imaginations, Lorna and I could never have dreamed so beautiful a day.  In Lorna's first visit to France, she has found a family and village that we could easily both call home.  In fact, in all seriousness, I asked Le Mairie to let me know if the former Benoit home is ever for sale again as Lorna and I would like to consider purchasing it for ourselves.  Walbourg is an amazing place with the kindest people we have ever met. Thank you for all of your help. 


Please consider us as good friends and certainly a business reference for you with anyone considering a wedding in France.  As we offered to all at the ceremony and reception, you are all welcome and have a place to visit with us in Texas if you ever are in our neighborhood.  We will talk more upon our return to Paris on Tuesday.


Merci Beaucoup,