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Sabine and Jeff

Sabine and Jeff

Sabine and Jeff
Loire Valley, France

Catholic Ceremony

September 30th,  2006

Dear Ms. Caroline Berthe,

We feel that their enjoyment and ours is due in large part to the attention you paid to every detail of the complex events we planned together, as well as to something extra only someone like you could provide:  We both felt that you genuinely love your work, and that you genuinely cared for us in helping us prepare for our wedding.  Your care was tangible in the way you worked with us, the way you interacted with our guests, the way you made our wishes real, even if we did not know you were working on them.

When we entered the church, we could not imagine how the grey, stony space we had seen the day before could have become so warm and beautiful so quickly and quietly.  After being showered with flower petals and rice outside the church, we never had to worry about who would sweep up the mess afterward.  When we made frivolous requests about violin music on the wooded route back to the château, we had nothing but support from you.  At dinner, when we discovered 20 more vegetarian friends than we knew we had, we knew we could count on you to work this out with the chef without any trouble on our part.  When we had that little pre-nuptial spat before going to the church (!), we admired your pushing on with preparations and keeping us in line!

On our wedding day, we thought about nothing else but ourselves and our guests…thanks to you.

The money you saved us through introducing less expensive service providers than we had found on our own was more than enough to cover your own fees, but please believe us when we say we would gladly have paid you over and above such savings—without you, our wedding would have never been as special as it was.  Your great sense of style was always an inspirational guide for us, but you were remarkably good at understanding our style and applying it to our choices.  Your professionalism is top notch, and your delivery record is better than 100%.

The other service providers you introduced to us were fabulous.  Here are some notes on each of them:

The hairdresser

Sabine, family and friends were all very pleased with their hair styles as designed by the stylist.  The salon you recommended did an excellent job preparing Sabine’s hair the day before the wedding, and then styling it on the day.  Even as heavy as it is, Sabine’s hair stayed curled perfectly through the Service, the Reception, and the whole night long.

The photographer

We were surprised and delighted to receive digital versions of the hundreds of pictures the photographer took, particularly as he was so discreet in taking them.  His reportage style made them as spontaneous and fun as they are beautiful and often picturesque.  We are extremely pleased with the final results, and look forward to the customised photo album he is assembling for us.

The florist
The compositions created by the florist were stunning. We were very impressed with his ability to respect the colour    sheme we had selected. Sabine had a wonderful surprise with the floral hair arrangement he prepared—it was a work of art!

The priest, the church and the ceremony
Father René François was a blessing, especially as we had originally expected a different priest—one whom we had met previously and liked. Nonetheless, Father René François and his wit made the ceremony enjoyable. We were both shocked that he delivered the majority of it in excellent English, and we appreciate how truly open and gentle he was with people of different languages and traditions. We were also delighted that he attended the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding, and also the Reception after the wedding. The church was lovely and a perfect setting, with the traditional features of a 15th-century church, with the strains of organ and violin music and with beautifully placed floral arrangements. So many of our friends have commented on how moving they found the ceremony.
Musicians and live band
The musicians seemed a risk for us, but how wonderful were they all! The music was sympathetic and well-timed, and we appreciated how well they considered our choices and proposed alternatives where appropriate. We gave very little steer to the jazz band before the day itself, but they hit the mark! Jeff was singing along with a lot of his favourite Brazilian tunes and Sinatra standards, and Sabine and her parents were so impressed with the band’s handling of rarer Edith Lefel and other Caribbean classics. The band contributed a lot to the champagne reception’s lasting one and a half hours longer than planned. Later in the evening, we were happy to see that their range of music got literally everyone onto the dance floor at some point!
The cutting of the cake and the fireworks
The fireworks show was our little surprise for our guests, but it was a surprise for us too. Was the show as short as we planned it? It seemed to go on a long time! We had never imagined the cake would be delivered with its own fireworks, and we imagine that every profiterole disappeared by the end of the evening. We loved the classical French presentation of the fireworks, very much in keeping with the château setting and with Handel’s music in the background. This was another part of the day about which we continue to hear favourable comments from our guests.
The chateau
We can only say ‘Bravo!’ to the director of the château, to the chef and to the staff. Although we could never understand everything they did behind the scenes to make our stay and our guests’ stays so enjoyable, we know that the outcome is nothing but positive. Bar none, the guests have let us know that their stays were fun, comfortable and even romantic. So many have said they felt their time there was like something from a fairy tale. The Château is nothing but high class, but in a simple and elegant way.
Coordination and planning
Overall, I was very impressed with Caroline Berhte's professionalism and her ability to adapt to unplanned requests and I would definitely recommend her to my friends. Caroline Berthe, thanks for all your hard work and patience
Caroline, thank you again so much for your amazing patience. Sabine’s bridesmaids and friends could not stop praising your ability to focus on their problems and to find ways to alleviate even the smallest challenges they encountered, all to make our day very special.
Thank you so much for organising and co-ordinating our wedding. The day and a half was fantastic, both for us and for our guests, many of whom have gone out of their way to let us know what a wonderful time they had. Many of them have told us that our wedding was the most beautiful, relaxing, and entertaining wedding they ever attended!
Sabine and Jeff 

A little note from Sabine's Maid of Honor: Anjum

Caroline Berthe was great on the wedding day. The bridesmaids wanted to perform a speech in honour of the bride and needed help with downloading pictures and pulling together their idea's. Caroline was very resourceful providing us with useful tips on how to get our speech together as well as organising the session.. She expertly faciliated three prefessional project managers (the bridesmaids!!!) whilst keeping her cool and sense of humour throughout. In addition she made the whole process seamless; she arranged for our slot during the wedding dinner and even helped us to present. The speech was a huge success.