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Shefali & Ajul

Shefali & Ajul


Shefali & Ajul

Loire Valley, France

Hindi Ceremony

April 9th & 10th 2010



Hi Caroline! Thank you for your email! Ajul and I got stuck in Europe after the wedding bc of the volcano! We are finally back :) going on our official honeymoon next wk!


Our wedding was literally like a dream. The chateau was so beautiful and perfect, it was unbelievable. We had a wonderful time, and we were very happy overall!


I would say overall we were happy with the service, but as you know there are just some difficulties with price as things just do not cost the same there as they do here. The actual wedding was amazing.

It was a bit stressful with the train situation the next day, so I would suggest anyone doing a similar wedding think that over.

Anyways, I am just listing some difficulties but all in all it was really a beautiful and perfect day and we loved everything. Thanks!