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Unique Wedding Day details

Unique Wedding Day details

There are lots of things to keep in mind when planning a wedding. Below is a list of things to keep in mind to help inspire you as we work together to create your customized dream destination wedding. Even some of the more traditional elements of a wedding, such as a photographer, florist and wedding band can take on a twist.

Oh, the possibilities…

Site Inspections

You glance through the photos and description of your chosen wedding location. You have heard about the accommodations for your guests, but you are just not sure about the final decisions and would like an opportunity to visit them. Let one of our guides or personal wedding planners assist you in visiting each of your locations. Taking a closer look at the chapel where the ceremony will take place or the villa for the reception can help you make more personalized decisions based on local tradition. Be sure to bring your checklist so you can go over everything with your organizer! Make your wedding perfect and stress free by viewing your perfect place.


An essential part of any wedding checklist is elegant and romantic flowers. Our first class florists will make customized, handmade bouquets and arrangements for the wedding party, the chapel and the reception venues. We have also carefully developed several themed floral packages just in case you are in need of inspiration!


A professional top-rated wedding photographer will be available for you throughout your special day. Perhaps there is a special moment-looking like a princess in front of an ancient monument- or a detail-like your dress or your bouquet-you would like captured; we can arrange for an intimate session with your photographer, capturing your memories in a customized album. A wedding photographer is an essential and your wedding consultant will assist you in finding one to fit your budget and your style.


France and Italy are known for fashion and the celebrity status that comes with it. Your wedding day cannot be complete without the accessories, make-up, and gorgeous hairstyles, highlighting your beautiful dress and dashing tuxedos. Let one of our top-rated stylists help you find the look that best brings out your natural beauty. Our stylists can also offer easy tips on how to look your best.


Have you ever imagined yourself as Marie Antoinette or Cinderella or any other fairytale princess? Take a step back in time with a voluminous golden silk dress fanning out from a tightly worn corset. Costumed weddings and receptions are perfect, yet unusual, for a unique destination wedding in France. Ask your wedding organizer about how you can become Cinderella without having to go to Disney!


In conjunction with each of our top catering professionals, a unique menu can be designed as a souvenir for your guests. Customized with elegant calligraphy and graphics, these menus can match your wedding invitation, or be spiced up with the original titles to adorn your magnificent reception. This is a great way to tie the catering in with the rest of your celebration.

Wedding Cakes

The taste of a delicious frosted wedding cake is unbeatable. The first cut of the cake is romantic and time revealing, an invitation to look into the future. It is as important for tying the knot as your dress, the rings and flowers. Let one of our caterers design a specially-made wedding cake for your occasion. European pastry chefs are highly awarded, and a little pastry may be what your wedding in France or Italy needs. Your wedding consultant will help you find the best wedding cake or dessert for your wedding package.


Solo violinists, quartets, symphonies, disc jockeys, or stereos... Music is an essential part of your wedding ceremony and reception. Choose from a variety of themes and talents, and our professional musicians from local establishments will entertain your wedding celebration with traditional music, or jazz it up with good old fashioned rock and roll. Your personal wedding coordinator will be able to give you tips on how to strike a balance between fun and romance that meets your budget.

Entertaining artists

As your guests sip their bubbly and admire the surrounding scenery after your fairy tale wedding ceremony, why not entertain them with a professional close-up magician or perhaps a silhouettist or caricaturist. In our experience, this adds a special touch to the cocktail reception and in the case of the silhouettist and caricaturist, your guests will be thrilled to take away their personalized keep sake after the wedding.

Nuptial favors

To make your guests feel welcome and have something to remember your special day, what could be better than customized nuptial favors? Your wedding coordinator will work with you to develop personalized gift baskets for your guests. Imagine how delighted they will be to receive a map of the area indicating ancient ruins or the closest beach, tips on local activities and etiquette, a bottle of regional wine and a sample of unusual sweets. These can be delivered to your guests' hotel rooms or distributed at various venues.

Vintage Cars

Sometimes a little class is only the turn of a key away. Vintage cars have added an elegant ambiance to many weddings in France and Italy. Used during official ceremonies, vintage cars can chauffeur you and your fiancé through the gates of a magnificent castle, drive you down to the beach or whisk you off to your Paris honeymoon. Vintage cars may be rented from private collectors or rental agencies throughout Europe. Your personal wedding planner will assist you in finding the perfect vehicle for your destination wedding.


The romantic twinkle of a star-filled sky over your castle wedding is breathtaking. Add an unusual twist with magnificent white and light yellow streaming fireworks, and your guests will think they are either in a dream or at a celebrity wedding! Light up your love with colorful fireworks to commemorate your unique destination wedding.

Laser show

If you consider fireworks displays to be too traditional, why not surprise your guests at the end of the evening with a laser show? Accompanied by music, you and your guests will be wowed as colored lasers light up the night sky and surrounding buildings. Combine this with the presentation and cutting of your traditional French pyramid cream puff wedding cake and the effect will be increased ten-fold.

Wedding Videos

After you finish your destination wedding and enjoy your romantic one-on-one honeymoon; you will want to reminisce about your perfect wedding in France or Italy. A special professional video of your reception is the perfect and easy way to capture your memories. Look at the video again after you've established a family and taken your kids to Disney, and your love will be renewed. A wedding video will never go out of style, and those who are in your life can share that dream moment again and again with you. Be sure to ask your organizer about a photo and video package to fit your budget.

Wedding websites

Stay organized and keep your guests informed with your personal wedding website. Your personal wedding website allows you to share essential information about your wedding, the location and suggested activities to your guests. Building your own wedding website is easy to do with the step-by-step instructions which are fully customizable and allow you to upload photos and text. Get started on your personal wedding website!