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Wedding Weekend Activites

Wedding Weekend Activites

Chances are for your destination wedding, most of your guests will be coming long distances to celebrate your big day. Planning special activities can be a great way to share another side of France (or Italy), and have a little fun.  The possibilities are endless, but below are a few ideas to help you decide what feasts your fancy.

Balloon Rides

On the eve of your wedding or as an activity to be held the next day, why not take to the air with a hot air balloon ride with a small group of your closest family and friends. Balloon rides are a perfect way to relax and enjoy a moment of freedom as you soar over the landscape and terrain of Tuscany's hills, get a bird's eye view of the castles in the Loire Valley, or float over the Italian lakes.

Private Guides

Europe has a deep, rich history. Sometimes a walking headphone tour is not as informational as you might hope. A private guide can tell you about a little known local tradition, the history of an ancient chapel or which particular princess visited a villa. Perhaps you would like to ask questions about an excursion to Disney, celebrity sightings or the castle where you have your reception. A private guide is available for an up-close and personal look at the history of each of our excursion locations and regions in France and Italy. Ask your wedding consultant about personalized and hassle free tour packages.

Chauffeured tours

A private chauffeur to and from any of your wedding and honeymoon events, is a perfect opportunity for you to relax and enjoy the romance of one another's company, worry free. After your destination wedding ceremony, sit back and enjoy yourself as a private chauffeur guides you both to your exclusive wedding reception.

Bike tours

Enjoy the surrounding countryside, a harmonious combination of rivers, rich vineyards and vast forests as you take a relaxing bike ride through some quaint and quiet country roads with a local guide. Discover the landscapes, unspoiled nature, beautiful gardens and breathtaking castles or villas as you amble along. A truly enchanting way to discover the local fauna and flora and be at one with the delights nature has to offer.

Cheese and wine tasting

A perfect way to introduce your guests to the local culture is to organize an informal welcome party the day before the wedding. There is indeed no better way for your guests to meet one another and discover the delights of France or Italy than with a buffet of delicious local cheeses, antipasti, charcuterie (cold meat cuts), a selection of bread and baguettes and of course lots of wine! To be held at your wedding venue, in a local winery or why not in the local village square!

Cooking Classes

France and Italy are known for their top cuisine. Sensual and seductive, cooking classes will help you prepare traditional French or Italian cuisine for your significant other; bringing an extra spark to your relationship. Let your private instructor guide you through local dishes and etiquette so that you can better understand what went into the catering for your reception. Many of our wedding venues in France and Italy offer a variety of local cuisine.

Dance Classes

There is something enchanting about the invitation to the first dance after tying the knot. As you slowly count in your head each beat, let the music guide your feet along the marble floor of the castle as you dance your first dance as husband and wife. A romantic intimate session with a professional dance teacher will make this dream come true. Or why not have everyone join in the fun by organizing a welcome party the night before the wedding and inviting a professional dance instructor to teach you and your guests some simple dance moves. Guaranteed to get you all in the mood for your big day!

Horseback Excursions

Saddle-up and head out for a romantic gallop through an ancient town. Stop in an apple orchard, unfolding a blanket and opening a picnic basket for a lovely romantic feast. Perhaps you might enjoy riding a horse to the entrance of your celebration, or have a Cinderella-style horse-drawn carriage dash along the promenade to the entrance of your castle. Horseback excursions are perfect for you and your guests as a romantic and exciting activity.

Medieval games

If your choice of venue happens to be a medieval chateau, why not take advantage of that theme and offer the children attending your wedding an afternoon discovering the games children used to play in medieval times. Guaranteed to keep them busy for hours! You'll also find that most of the adults will also be intrigued and give the games a try. Laughter and fun will abound.

Guest Activities

Your guests have come to your wedding in France or Italy to celebrate your love for one another. They have also come to be entertained by the local culture. Guest activities often include full day excursions with a personal guide, or perhaps a customized event at a resort or hotel. Your castle or villa wedding will be remarkable when you add something special for the enjoyment of your family and friends.

One for the boys?

Why not organize a cigar tasting with a real connoisseur and sample some of the best cigars available in a convivial and fun atmosphere! It’s a unique and relaxing way for the boys to do some pre-wedding bonding.

And don’t forget the girls!

While the boys are off sampling cigars, the girls can enjoy a tour of a famous perfume house and spend a fun afternoon creating their own perfume, which will be bottled and delivered to the reception venue the following day...complete with a personalized label. This activity is only available in Paris.